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What is Sclerotherapy ?

Sclerotherapy is the most advanced and effective solution to erase unsightly and bothersome spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a simple, effective, and minimally invasive procedure where a medical solution is carefully injected into the troublesome veins. The solution causes the veins to collapse and shrink to eventually be reabsorbed by your cells, thereby causing them to fade away and gradually disappear.
What is Sclerotherapy at Restore
Sclerotherapy results and recovery at Restore Med clinic


Results from your vein treatment can take up to three to four months for severe cases, or as quick as three to six weeks for smaller or more minor veins. You may require several treatments to achieve full results, depending on the severity of your condition. There is no downtime after sclerotherapy, although you will be expected to carefully follow aftercare instructions. Our vein removal specialists will provide detailed aftercare instructions. Some important aspects of recovery include avoiding direct sunlight and wearing compression socks.


We do require an in-person consultation to ensure that the veins you have are treatable. Spider veins are often confused with varicose veins, which are larger and can not be treated with sclerotherapy injections.
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