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Did you know? Restore Med Clinic originally opened up as a primary practice for hair loss patients. Striving to create an effective solution to regenerate hair growth and confidence for patients was our CEOs mission. Through the years as the company has expanded, we have taken on many new services, technologies, and procedures that we offer to all our patients!


There are many reasons patients experience hair loss and thinning. Common reasons for hair loss:

● Postpartum Hair Loss
● Aging
● Stress
● Genetics
● Covid
● Medical Conditions
● Hormonal
● Vitamin Deficiency
● Etc.


We offer many options for patients who want to explore different routes. Our experts will be able to discover and diagnose the root of the cause for your hair loss. Procedures are not always one size fits all, therefore we want to offer different treatment options for patients and create custom treatment plans. We currently offer Low Level Laser Therapy with treatment add-ons for all patients! These add-ons include Platelet Rich Plasma, Exosomes, and Oral Supplements!
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A common question we receive from patients is understanding if they are a fit for the treatments we offer to stimulate hair regrowth. Candidates for these treatments are as follows:

● You have thinning hair due to health, age, stress, genetics, or deficiencies
● You are too young for hair transplant surgery or you want to avoid an invasive procedure to that extent
● You have tried at home hair restoration treatments with little to no success
● You are experiences progressive hair loss or have hair loss

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


This Laser features an open beam that spreads the energy from the laser itself across a large surface area. This is great for all patients as it maximizes full coverage while creating a high energy level that penetrates the skin 4mm below to reach the follicles deep.

What are the Benefits from Low Level Laser Therapy?*
The primary benefit would be the restimulation and growth of the hair follicles, but this laser offers so much more than just that alone! Additional benefits include:

● Increase blood microcirculation and nutrient acquisition to the follicle
● Increase oxygen uptake and calcium ion mobilization
● Increase the rate of removal of harmful DHT. The removal of DHT will help allow the follicles to heal and allow normal regrowth of healthy hair
● Decrease follicular inflammation


Here at Restore, we use a special laser that stimulates the targeted hair follicles to rebuild them and assist them to regrow into thicker and normal sized hairs. This is the first FDA approved Laser to stimulate hair regrowth and treat hair loss in women and men! The best part of the Laser is:

● No Downtime
● No Side Effects
● Non Invasive
● No Drugs needed
● & No pain

Your appointment will closely mimic this procedure when you visit us:

● The provider will simply turn the unit on
● No Operator Needed During Treatment
● There is no heating element, and therefore no pain during the treatment
● When done, the unit automatically turns off. Patients will then lift the hood and return to the lobby to schedule their next appointment


In regards towards treatments, we will book your appointments as follows:

● For the first 3 months, you will be required to come in to receive this 20 minute treatment 2 times a week
● Once you complete the first phase, the next 3 months following, we will have you come in once a week

We will assess the hair regrowth and understand each patient’s needs after the first two phases of treatments. If a patient deems a candidate for more treatments, we will have them come in 2 times a month for up to 6 months following! Our experts will assess you and the necessary number of following treatments needed depending on each candidate’s condition or progress.

*Treatments should never be booked back to back*

These treatments are approximately 20 minute and completely painless! Grab a book, watch a movie, or just get comfy!


There are different stages of results from Laser Therapy.

1. Within the first stage, patients can expect to see a reduction in excessive hair loss. This happens in 99% of the patients that are consistent with their treatments.

2. The second stage will consist of the existing hair getting healthier, fuller, and shinier as the follicles begin to heal from the Laser

3. Lastly, in the third stage, the new hair regrowth that has been stimulated by the Laser will continue to grow in thicker and blend in with the originating hair on the scalp!

As most treatments follow, patient’s results will vary in response time for this Laser Therapy. The AVERAGE patient will see hair regrowth around the 6 month mark. This would fall under the third phase of the treatment. The LATEST some patients may see results will be near the 10-11 month mark.


● Stimulation of hair regrowth with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood
● Exosomes
● Oral Hair Restoration Tablets

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