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A lip lift can serve two functions. The primary goal of a lip lift is to alter the ratio of the lip to the skin under the nose. This is done by a lip reduction of the skin with incisions directly below the nose. The top of the lip can also be trimmed and slightly rolled back.

For someone with a downturned mouth, a lip lift can also be used to remove the skin at the corners of the mouth and lift sagging corners at the outer edges of the lip. If you have ever felt that your lips were pinched, tight, or too thin, or if you are constantly looking for ways to round out your lip area with color, you may be a great candidate for a lip lift.


There are many products on the market that can offer you plumper lips. A surgical lip lift procedure will actually make your top lip take up more space under the nose, rolling back the edge of the top lip and exposing more of the pink lip tissue. This cosmetic procedure can balance a full bottom lip, create a consistent gap between the lips when your lips are resting, and give you more space for lip color if you choose to apply it.

Narrow or thin lips have never been popular. The trend for fuller lips at the moment has many struggling to find a way to have a bigger, bolder smile. Temporary lip fillers can make your existing lip tissue fuller, but if you want a long-term solution for thin lips, then an upper lip lift will help!


The cut along the top edge of the lip is referred to as a gullwing lift and creates a smooth curved line that defines the top of the lip. Many practitioners also pair this with a subnasal bullhorn cut at the base of the nose that removes skin under the nose, pulling the top of the lip up toward the nose.

For those who are prone to scarring, an Italian lip lift may be a better choice. Instead of just one incision in a bullhorn shape below the nose, you will have two incisions directly below each of the nostrils. This scar is much less visible, though the bullhorn scar is also nearly invisible. There is a slight risk of an uneven pull with this surgical choice.

If you feel that your mouth is excessively downturned, you might also consider a corner lip lift. This surgical procedure lifts the corners of the mouth slightly and is often done at the same time as a lip lift for a brighter, more open smile.


For the first 24 hours, do your best to rest and to stay still. Keep your head elevated to avoid blood pooling and brush your teeth gently. Keep the tissue moisturized and clean. Don’t eat anything that forces you to over-stretch your mouth or pucker, such as drinking liquids through a straw.

Investing in a tall wedge pillow to keep your head elevated is a good idea after any cosmetic surgery. Additionally, you will want to avoid any garments that have to be pulled over your head. Keep a soft cloth and a bag of frozen peas close by so you can ice as directed. Use a timer so you don’t fall asleep with an ice-pack on your face and never apply the plastic directly to your skin.

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