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Restore Med Clinic offers multiple non-surgical alternatives to the increasingly popular BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure. Whether you are looking to fill in hip dips or add volume, our menu of treatments and aesthetic experts will help you achieve your dream results.



Sculptra is a collagen-building filler made from poly-l-lactic acid, which promotes your body’s ability to naturally produce collagen. When injected into the buttocks, it regenerates depleted collagen in that localized area, giving the butt area more projection. Results can last for approximately 2 years.

We often mix Sculptra with Renuva (NuvaSculpt BBL) to maximize results. Renuva is an injectable alternative to fat transfer surgery. The adipose allograft is processed to preserve the extracellular matrix containing collagens, proteins, and growth factors found in adipose tissue. The resulting matrix serves as a framework to support the cellular repopulation and vascularization at the site of injection. Renuva is to be used where fat naturally exists.

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Sculptra is a beneficial butt enhancement option for almost anyone! You might opt for a Sculptra BBL if you are someone who:

  • Does not have enough fat for a surgical BBL
  • Wants to fill in small concavities or hip dips
  • Does not want to have surgery
  • Wants to add volume
  • Is not interested in implants
  • Can not take off time from work for surgical recovery


Pre-Treatment / During Treatment: Before we begin, you will have an in-depth consultation with our Master Injector Nurse and Sculptra specialist. We will assess your aesthetic goals and current physique to come up with the best treatment plan tailored to you. The areas of focus will be carefully marked, and lidocaine will be injected to relieve any discomfort. A small pilot hole is made for entry, and a cannula is used to evenly distribute the product.

Post Treatment: You may notice an immediate improvement in your contour and shape after the procedure, however, this volume will be absorbed in the following days. It may take a few weeks for collagen and fat production, so patience is key when it comes to Sculptra BBL results. You may feel slight tenderness in the injection sites, and will need to avoid working out for approximately 48 hours. We will instruct you on proper aftercare before and after your treatment.

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Grow your glutes with EMSculpt Neo at Restore Med


Emsculpt Neo is the gold standard in electrical muscle stimulation. Within just a few short sessions, Emsculpt Neo can revolutionize your figure by enhancing your glute muscles. This technology harnesses the power of 20,000 muscle contractions that mimic glute exercises in a short 30-minute session. 

Because Emsculpt Neo is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no downtime or recovery period. You will be able to get back to your busy, active lifestyle right away. Results can be seen and felt right after your treatment, but will continue to improve and evolve over the course of the coming weeks.


During your initial consultation and first treatment, our Emsculpt Neo specialist will discuss your aesthetic goals and put together a treatment plan for you. Applicators will be placed on the glutes, and our specialist will walk you through the entire treatment process. The intensity of muscle contractions will slowly increase, and you will begin to feel your muscles contracting as they would during an intense workout. During your 30 minute session, you can tune into your favorite show on our treatment room television, catch up on work, or throw on your favorite playlist on our Bluetooth speakers and relax.

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