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Restore’s hair restoration experts help discover and diagnose the root of the cause of your hair loss may it be thyroid, hormonal, stress, genetics, postpartum, or vitamin deficiency and provide a treatment plan with proven results for everyone and every budget.

We have a variety of options, such as PRP, to help regrow your hair, minimize or prevent hair loss, and strengthen existing hair follicles from scalp treatments, supplements to serums.

Inquire with our clinic about other options besides PRP that might be best for you.

Hair Growth Rejuvenation healthy long lasting results



Exosomes are a significant advance in the field of regenerative medicine. Exosomes are like tiny balloons that are produced by your cells, that function by sending the message to other cells that they need to grow, rejuvenate, and regenerate. Much smaller than cells, exosomes can travel easily throughout your body and could be considered the “active ingredient” in stem-cell therapy – in a purified and highly concentrated form. Exosome therapy is a safe and effective way to restore hair follicles, and it can be used on men or women who would like to treat hair loss and restore thicker, more healthy hair.

Exosome hair restoration has benefits such as:

  • Results in as little as 90 days
  • No surgery or scars
  • Return to normal activities the next day
  • Typically only one treatment required
Exosome Therapy Injection Hair Growth

Platelet-Rich Plasma, PRP

Platelet-rich plasma scalp stimulation

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, known as PRP stimulates new hair growth while also strengthening existing strands.
This innovative, non-surgical, hair restoration treatment consists of producing highly concentrated plasma with a sample of the patient’s blood that contains a high concentration of growth factors, platelets, and proteins, all of which combine to increase circulation and tissue regeneration to the scalp and damaged hair follicles. This treatment, with minimal downtime, strengthens your existing hair follicles, aiding in future hair thinning and hair loss.

We can TRACK the GROWTH RESULTS | Through Retore’s advanced high-def camera, we are able to monitor hair growth and density at a microscopic level to quantify the treatment results.

Treatment Time| 60 minutes

nutrafol supplements

Clinically Proven Hair Growth Supplements at Restore

The Restore’s team is committed to bringing the best to YOU – Nutrafol. Nutrafol is the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand. Nutrafol has invested millions in clinical trials to prove to the world that their products make a difference. Nutrafol is clinically proven to support your hair growth by targeting the five root causes affecting hair health: stress, metabolism, nutrition, environment and hormones. But what root causes are affecting YOUR hair? It’s different for everyone. Restore’s team will work with you to identify and create a customized plan based on your needs and goals.
Natrafol Supplements hair restoration and regrowth benefits

grotrack camera

Hair growth treatment on woman


Through Restore’s advanced high-def camera, GroTrack, we are able to monitor hair growth and density at a microscopic level to quantify the treatment results.

Baseline photos are taken during your first appointment, and progress photos are scheduled based on your tailored hair restoration treatment timeline. 

"Great clinic that produces great results! I received cellular hair restoration therapy, and am excited to say that after years of trial and error, I finally found a treatment that worked. Results were seen in about 4 months, and now that I'm a year out, my hair has never been fuller!" - TM
"After struggling with severe thinning for years, I finally have my hair back. Thank you to Restore's experts who made me feel comfortable during such a vulnerable procedure and time in my life. I feel like myself again." -JJ
"Can't believe this is MY hair! I almost went for a transplant, and now I'm so happy I found Restore instead. I was able to return to my normal routine the next day, and the results are unbelievable." -SM
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