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no anesthesia

Using a specially formulated tumescent lidocaine solution, we are able to avoid general anesthesia while keeping the patient comfortable and numb.

This eliminates the well-known risks associated with anesthesia, and allows us to give our patients gorgeous curves without the worry!

no implants

Using your own body’s fat, we are able to naturally enhance your breasts and buttocks. This is a safe alternative to implants, which have been known to pose certain risks.

​No implants = no risk.

faster recovery

Our tumescent lidocaine solution and gentle liposuction technique allows for a faster and less painful recovery as compared to traditional liposuction.

​Most of our patients return to work after 48-72 hours, and are comfortable with over the counter pain medication.



This highly sought after procedure is performed by Restore’s own double board certified and Mayo Clinic trained Physician and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Heidi Regenass.

Dr. Heidi has been described by her patients as a compassionate and inspired physician. She strives to provide natural aesthetic results to all surgery patients.



Dr Heidi


Using tumescent solution, our surgeon is able to have the patient remain awake and comfortable during the procedure. By not using anesthesia, we avoid risks and side effects such as:

– Nausea

– Chills and symptoms of fever – Throat discomfort from a breathing tube

– BMI requirement

– Memory loss

– In some rare cases, death

For liposuction only:

As long as you have pinchable fat, you are most likely a candidate!


For fat transfer:

Viable fat is necessary for a successful fat transfer. Generally speaking, areas of fat that are stubborn and difficult to lose are best for fat transfers. A consultation is necessary to determine if this procedure is right for you.

We offer complimentary consultations!

Most of our patients return to work after 48-72 hours.

The procedure varies, but is typically 2-4 hours in length.

Yes! We offer financing with Care Credit and Cherry. We can help you apply in our office!

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